Researcher interests: Molecular biology of drought and salinity stress tolerance in plants. Hormonal and environmental control of embryogenesis, organogenesis and tissue development in culture. Regeneration and transformation of of plants, especially forest trees. Agricultural biotechnology. Adventitious root formation and rooting of cuttings. Nursery plant production.
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Selected Publications

Arie Altman, Antoine Harfouche, Richard Meilan
Tree genetic engineering and applications to sustainable forestry and biomass production (2011)| ScienceDirect | Read more
Arie Altman, Andrea Polle, Andreas D. Cullmann, Atef Abo-Ogiala, Basia Vinocur, Dennis Janz, Eric A. Ottow, Jaakko Kangasjärvi, Joachim Saborowski, Mikael Brosché, Monika Brinker, Payam Fayyaz
Linking the Salt Transcriptome with Physiological Responses of a Salt-Resistant Populus Species as a Strategy to Identify Genes Important for Stress Acclimation (2010)| ASPB| Read more
Abraham Koster, Alevtyna Yukashevska, Arie Altman, Amnon Wolf, Hezy Cohen, Ira Marton, Izhar Medalsy, Mukhles Sowwan, Or Dgany, Orna Almog, Danny Porath, Sharon G. Wolf, Oded Shoseyov , Yehonathan Pouny
SP1 Protein-Based Nanostructures and Arrays (2008)| ACS publication| Read more

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