Researcher interests: The biochemical and biological processes that underline antiviral cellular defense mechanisms; the viral proteins counteracting these cellular mechanisms. Viral diseases in fish.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

gal raz, Ilana Kremer, Moshe Kotler, leor roseman, marina kupchik, maya bleichcohen, solnik shimrit, talma hendler, tamar lin, wahid madah wahid, yael jacob
social affective context reveals altered network dynamics in schizophrenia patients (2018)| Translational Psychiatry| Read more
ayala rohald, Simon Benita, dinorah barasch, Moshe Kotler, natalya naraykin, orit amsalem, ponnandy prabhu, taher nassar
nanocapsules embedded in microparticles for enhanced oral bioavailability and efficacy of lopinavir as an anti aids drug (2018)| Journal of Drug Targeting| Read more
Moshe Kotler, lena lipskayavelikovsky, tal jarus
prediction of the intensity and diversity of day to day activities among people with schizophrenia using parameters obtained during acute hospitalization (2017)| Disability and Rehabilitation| Read more
Moshe Kotler, lena lipskayavelikovsky, terry krupa
effectiveness study of occupational connections a short term in patient intervention for promotion functioning and participation in daily life of people with mental health conditions (2017)| European Psychiatry| Read more
anat aizer, Moshe Kotler, michael vainder, pinhas dannon, semion kertzman
pathological gambling and impulsivity comparison of the different measures in the behavior inhibition tasks (2017)| Personality and Individual Differences| Read more
adam easterbrook, Moshe Kotler, lena lipskayavelikovsky, tal jarus
participation in daily life of people with schizophrenia in comparison to the general population comparaison de la participation a la vie quotidienne des personnes atteintes de schizophrenie a celle de la population generale (2016)| Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy| Read more
amir poreh, benny lehman, eyal shamir, iulian iancu, Moshe Kotler
positive and negative symptoms questionnaire (2016)| PsycTESTS Dataset| Read more
ailie marx, akram alian, anthony kossiakoff, don lamb, elena britanrosich, Moshe Kotler, meytal galilee, robert stroud, sarah griner, serdar uysal, viola baumgartel
the preserved hth docking cleft of hiv 1 integrase is functionally critical (2016)| Structure| Read more
Danny Morick, faigenbaum, Adi Inbal, Moshe Kotler, margarita smirnov, yakov fellig
mortality caused by bath exposure of zebrafish danio rerio larvae to nervous necrosis virus is limited to the fourth day postfertilization (2015)| Applied and Environmental Microbiology| Read more
Ayana Perelberg, Moshe Kotler, Maya Ilouze, Michael Steinitz
antibody response and resistance of cyprinus carpio immunized with cyprinid herpes virus 3 cyhv 3 (2008)| Vaccine| Read more
adi nagler, celia schiffer, elena britanrosich, Moshe Kotler, ponnandy prabhu, shivender shandilya
inhibition of apobec3g activity impedes double stranded dna repair ()| FEBS Journal| Read more
anatoly smulevich, fernanda rosa, Moshe Kotler, lahaye, nesrin dilbaz, periklis paterakis, schreiner, vihra milanova
a flexible dose study of paliperidone er in patients with nonacute schizophrenia previously treated unsuccessfully with oral olanzapine ()| Journal of Psychiatric Practice| Read more

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