Researcher interests: Development and function of the enteral immune system in omnivorous birds. Mechanisms of peripheral tolerance to protein antigens. Nutritional approaches to improve immune responses and resistance to disease in poultry.
DEPARTMENT: Animal Sciences
Contact Business Development: Shani Bullock

Selected Publications

enav bar shira, Aharon Friedman
innate immune functions of avian intestinal epithelial cells response to bacterial stimuli and localization of responding cells in the developing avian digestive tract (2018)| PLOS ONE| Read more
enav barshira, Aharon Friedman, yossi wein, zohar geva
transport related stress and its resolution in turkey pullets activation of a pro inflammatory response in peripheral blood leukocytes (2017)| Poultry Science| Read more
enav bar shira, Aharon Friedman, yossi wein
avoiding handling induced stress in poultry use of uniform parameters to accurately determine physiological stress (2017)| Poultry Science| Read more
allan degen, boris krasnov, daniel kiefer, Eli Geffen, elizabeth warburton, enav barshira, Aharon Friedman, irina khokhlova, lee koren, michael kam, mustafa asfur
effects of parasite pressure on parasite mortality and reproductive output in a rodent flea system inferring host defense trade offs (2016)| Parasitology Research| Read more
enav barshira, Aharon Friedman, Inbal Cohen, Ori Elad
role of goblet cells and mucin layer in protecting maternal iga in precocious birds (2014)| Developmental and Comparative Immunology| Read more
adrian smith, bailey, Claire Powers, Aharon Friedman, humphrey, michael watson, richard beal, william mwangi, xikun
regional and global changes in tcrαβ t cell repertoires in the gut are dependent upon the complexity of the enteric microflora (2010)| Developmental and Comparative Immunology| Read more
ayala frenkel, Aharon Friedman, irun cohen, yagev
adjuvant arthritis is associated with changes in the glycosylation of serum igg1 and igg2b (2008)| Clinical and Experimental Immunology| Read more
oral tolerance in birds and mammals digestive tract development determines the strategy (2008)| Journal of Applied Poultry Research| Read more
therapeutic effects of estradiol benzoate on development of collagen induced arthritis cia in the lewis rat are mediated via suppression of the humoral response against denatured collagen type ii cii ()| Clinical and Experimental Immunology| Read more

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