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Researcher interests: Experimental pathophysiology of mycobacteriosis and of M. tuberculosis, in particular. Taxonomy of the Mycobacteriaceae. Infectious disease of cultured fish (Streptococcus, KHV). Liposomes as a drug delivery system for antibiotics. TPN, fatty liver and bacterial translocation. Molecular epidemiology of bacterial UTI. Development of new vaccines. Protein chemistry. Microscopy. Bioinformatics.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

abed khalaileh, anneke wilharm, annika reinhardt, asaf wilensky, avihai hovav, Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, Eran Elinav, gabriel mizraji, herve bercovier, immo prinz, inga sandrock, joana barrosmartins, luba eliberchoer, maria nassar, oded heyman, reinhold forster, yaara tabib, yuval aizenbud
mutual interplay between il 17 producing γδt cells and microbiota orchestrates oral mucosal homeostasis (2019)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
asaf wilensky, avihai hovav, Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, bjorn clausen, Eran Elinav, gili zilbermanschapira, herve bercovier, katya zelentova, luba eliberchoer, maayan levy, maria nassar, martin zenke, noam koren, oded heyman, tal capucha, thomas hieronymus, tsipora nir
sequential bmp7 tgf β1 signaling and microbiota instruct mucosal langerhans cell differentiation (2018)| Journal of Experimental Medicine| Read more
armando acosta, Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, herve bercovier, maria sarmiento, mario landys, mohd nor norazmi, reinaldo acevedo, valerie ferro
second international congress on immunopharmacology delivery systems and current strategies for drug design (2013)| BMC Immunology| Read more
antonio bandeira, Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, catherine fitting, christoph kluge, gilles marchal, helene kiefer biasizzo, herve bercovier, marie anne nahori, michel huerre, micheline lagranderie, mohammad abolhassani
mycobacterium bovis bacillus calmette guerin killed by extended freeze drying reduces colitis in mice (2011)| Gastroenterology| Read more
Amos Wilamowski, Annette Moter, Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, Esther Marva, Gracia Safdie, herve bercovier, iba farrah, Judith Schmiedel, marc assous, Naama Wald, Reem Yahia, samer sawalha, ulf gobel, Yolanta Fishman, Ziad Abdeen
molecular characterization of borrelia persica the agent of tick borne relapsing fever in israel and the palestinian authority (2010)| PLOS ONE| Read more
ayelet maron, Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, gilles marchal, herve bercovier, micheline lagranderie, muhammad abolhassani
control of diseases associated with decrease of t regulatory cells with a preparation of extended freeze dried killed bacteria (2009)| | Read more
Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, herve bercovier, hila amirkroll, irun cohen, lea eisenbach, Mati Fridkin, meirav pevsnerfischer, michal cohensfady, michal stolarskybennun, Noam Cohen, Gabriel Nussbaum, raanan margalit, steffen jung
pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide is immunogenic when present on the surface of macrophages and dendritic cells tlr4 signaling induced by a conjugate vaccine or by lipopolysaccharide is conducive (2008)| Journal of Immunology| Read more
andrew davison, Avi Eldar, Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, herve bercovier, Hideo Fukuda, Ikuo Hirono, Ken Kurokawa, ronald hedrick, Ronen Nahary, Takashi Aoki, thomas waltzek
genome sequences of three koi herpesvirus isolates representing the expanding distribution of an emerging disease threatening koi and common carp worldwide (2007)| Journal of Virology| Read more

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