Researcher interests: Elucidation of cellular and molecular action of dietary antioxidants. Understanding the physiological beneficial or pathological deleterious effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cellular and biological systems. Mitochondrial bioenergetics as a main organelle that regulates ROS (free radicals) production. Role of antioxidants and oxidants in aging and in diseases that involve ROS production.

Selected Publications

adi shpaizer, amos nussinovich, joseph kanner, Oren Tirosh
s nitroso n acetylcysteine generates less carcinogenic n nitrosamines in meat products than nitrite (2018)| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more
Abraham Nyska, elise taieb, Irena Peri, Zecharia Madar, miriam shtriker, Oren Tirosh
galactomannan more than pectin exacerbates liver injury in mice fed with high fat high cholesterol diet (2018)| Molecular Nutrition & Food Research| Read more
elena meidan, Oren Tirosh, yula kolesnikov
high fat diets composed of palm stearin and olive oil equally exacerbate liver inflammatory damage and metabolic stress in mice (2018)| Molecular Nutrition & Food Research| Read more
hypoxic signaling and cholesterol lipotoxicity in fatty liver disease progression (2018)| Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity| Read more
Abraham Nyska, elise taieb, Zecharia Madar, michal hahn, miriam shtriker, Oren Tirosh, uzi moallem
fenugreek galactomannan and citrus pectin improve several parameters associated with glucose metabolism and modulate gut microbiota in mice (2018)| Nutrition| Read more
non alcoholic fatty liver disease to struggle with the strangle oxygen availability in fatty livers (2017)| Redox biology| Read more
adi shpaizer, boris rabkin, inbal shacham, jacob selhub, joseph kanner, Oren Tirosh
redox homeostasis in stomach medium by foods the postprandial oxidative stress index posi for balancing nutrition and human health (2017)| Redox biology| Read more
anna aronis, anya konstantinov, Zecharia Madar, nina hirsch, sarit anavi, Oren Tirosh, zion hagay
tea extracts induced liver injury lipotoxic interaction between lipids and polyphenols (2017)| Free Radical Biology and Medicine| Read more
Nurit Argov-Argaman, diana sheferweinberg, nurit argovargaman, Shlomo Sasson, Betty Schwartz, Oren Tirosh
deleterious effect of n 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in non alcoholic steatohepatitis in the fat 1 mouse model (2017)| Clinical Nutrition Experimental| Read more
anna aronis, anya konstantinov, Zecharia Madar, nina hirsch, sarit anavi, Oren Tirosh, zion hagay
prolonged feeding with green tea polyphenols exacerbates cholesterol induced fatty liver disease in mice (2016)| Molecular Nutrition & Food Research| Read more
merav reisman, Alon Samach, sarit anavi, Oren Tirosh, Aron Troen, yael tal
the neuroprotective properties of a novel variety of passion fruit (2016)| Journal of Functional Foods| Read more
ira voloshin, Zecharia Madar, michal obercyger, Shlomo Sasson, Oren Tirosh
bile acid basic amino acid conjugates and uses thereof (2016)| | Read more
alexander aliluiko, Irena Peri, meirav zubaresamuelov, merav shaul, Michael Naim, Oren Tirosh
inhibition of signal termination related kinases by membrane permeant bitter and sweet tastants potential role in taste signal termination (2005)| American Journal of Physiology-cell Physiology| Read more
high selenium diet protects against tnbs induced acute inflammation mitochondrial dysfunction and secondary necrosis in rat colon ()| Nutrition| Read more
Eran Levy, Ram Reifen, Oren Tirosh, zippi berkovich
vitamin a exerts its antiinflammatory activities in colitis through preservation of mitochondrial activity ()| Nutrition| Read more

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