Researcher interests: Remote & Proximal Sensing, Precision Agriculture, Phenomics.
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Selected Publications

amanda j gevens, Ittai Herrmann, kaitlin morey gold, philip a townsend
investigating potato late blight physiological differences across potato cultivars with spectroscopy and machine learning (2019)| Plant Science| Read more
Ittai Herrmann, liron summerfield, oren shelef, roy sadeh, santiago villamarincortez, shimon rachmilevitch, simcha levyadun
thermal benefits from white variegation of silybum marianum leaves (2019)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
arnon karnieli, eyal bdolach, Ittai Herrmann, philip a townsend, shimon rachmilevitch, yogev montekyo
assessment of maize yield and phenology by drone mounted superspectral camera (2019)| Precision Agriculture| Read more
arnon karnieli, Ittai Herrmann, krishna m budhiraju, pattathal v arun
convolutional network architectures for super resolution sub pixel mapping of drone derived images (2019)| Pattern Recognition| Read more
Ittai Herrmann, philip a townsend, shawn p conley, steven k vosberg
spectral data collection by dual field of view system under changing atmospheric conditions a case study of estimating early season soybean populations (2019)| Sensors| Read more
aditya singh, hao xun chang, Ittai Herrmann, martin i chilvers, philip a townsend, prabu ravindran, shawn p conley, steven k vosberg
leaf and canopy level detection of fusarium virguliforme sudden death syndrome in soybean (2018)| Remote Sensing| Read more
arnon karnieli, Ittai Herrmann, Moshe Shachak, tamir caras, tarin pazkagan
multiscale mapping of species diversity under changed land use using imaging spectroscopy (2017)| Ecological Applications| Read more
amit sade, arnon karnieli, Ittai Herrmann, michael berenstein, tarin pazkagan
spectral assessment of two spotted spider mite damage levels in the leaves of greenhouse grown pepper and bean (2017)| Biosystems Engineering| Read more
arnon karnieli, christian nansen, dana siso, hanan eizenberg, Ittai Herrmann, maor matzrafi, Baruch Rubin, timea ignat, tom kliper, yotam zait
hyperspectral technologies for assessing seed germination and trifloxysulfuron methyl response in amaranthus palmeri palmer amaranth (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
arnon karnieli, eli zaady, Ittai Herrmann, noa ohanalevi, tarin pazkagan, zalmen henkin
grazing intensity effects on soil quality a spatial analysis of a mediterranean grassland (2016)| Catena| Read more

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