Researcher interests: Molecular analysis of the biological clock in mammals The relationship between the biological clock and nutrition Control of the biological clock over the innate immunity Regulation of mammalian defensin expression. Structure/function of mammalian defensins Defensin and Toll–like receptor expression in diabetes Molecular evolution of defensins
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Selected Publications

Abraham Eliraz, Hillary Voet, Zecharia Madar, Sara Kaplan, Sigal Sofer
Greater Weight Loss and Hormonal Changes After 6 Months Diet With Carbohydrates Eaten Mostly at Dinner (2012)| Wiley Online Library | Read more
Julio Wainstein, Zohar Kerem, Zecharia Madar
Olive Leaf Extract as a Hypoglycemic Agent in Both Human Diabetic Subjects and in Rats (2012)| liebertpub| Read more
Oren Froy, Hadas Sherman, Zecharia Madar, Nava Chapnik, Rotem Cohen, Yoni Genzer
Timed high-fat diet resets circadian metabolism and prevents obesity (2012)| FASEB JOURNAL| Read more

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