Researcher interests: Aquatic microbiology Biological transformation of N, P, C and S in aquatic systems Water quality control in fish culture systems
DEPARTMENT: Animal Sciences

Selected Publications

snir azaria, Jaap Van Rijn
off flavor compounds in recirculating aquaculture systems ras production and removal processes (2018)| Aquacultural Engineering| Read more
steven hall, Jaap Van Rijn
a life of service (2018)| Aquacultural Engineering| Read more
cheinat zoharperez, nussinovitch, Amos Nussinovitch, Jaap Van Rijn , zahi rabinovitz
nitrate removal from water by immobilized bacteria (2017)| Water Science & Technology: Water Supply| Read more
gilad levy, gilad yamin, Jaap Van Rijn , zilberg
the protective effect of humic rich substances from monogenean parasites infecting the guppy poecilia reticulata (2017)| Aquaculture| Read more
combined adsorption and degradation of the off flavor compound 2 methylisoborneol in sludge derived from a recirculating aquaculture system (2017)| Chemosphere| Read more
hanoch etkin, ilya brook, mark ryskin, nadya rakovitsky, Shlomo Nir, Jaap Van Rijn , zanele mkhweli
purification of greywater by a moving bed reactor followed by a filter including a granulated micelle clay composite (2016)| Applied Clay Science| Read more
christine wendlinger, kerstin ulms, Jaap Van Rijn , Walter Vetter
novel non methylated furan fatty acids in fish from a zero discharge aquaculture system (2016)| NFS Journal| Read more
Edouard Jurkevitch, ortal nahum, prem kandel, Jaap Van Rijn , Zohar Pasternak
abundance diversity and seasonal dynamics of predatory bacteria in aquaculture zero discharge systems (2014)| FEMS Microbiology Ecology| Read more
waste treatment in recirculating aquaculture systems (2013)| Aquacultural Engineering| Read more
lior guttman, Jaap Van Rijn
isolation of bacteria capable of growth with 2 methylisoborneol and geosmin as the sole carbon and energy sources (2012)| Applied and Environmental Microbiology| Read more

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