Researcher interests: Application of genetic engineering to plant breeding and physiology. Molecular biology and genetic engineering: specifically, gene expression in transgenic plants. Transposon tagging of polygenes and of agronomically important traits. Genetics and physiology of pepper, tomato, squash and melon, with special emphasis on tomato fruit quality traits, Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) resistance and pepper fruit set under low temperatures. Breeding and production of greenhouse pepper.
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Selected Publications

adi faigenboim, Yonatan Elkind, gilad gabay, Maxim Itkin, moshe a flaishman, Sergey Malitsky, yacov izhaki, yardena dahan
transcriptome analysis and metabolic profiling reveal the key role of α linolenic acid in dormancy regulation of european pear (2019)| Journal of Experimental Botany| Read more
adi faigenboim, Yonatan Elkind, gilad gabay, giora benari, moshe a flaishman, yacov izhaki, yardena dahan
high resolution genetic linkage map of european pear pyrus communis and qtl fine mapping of vegetative budbreak time (2018)| BMC Plant Biology| Read more
Yonatan Elkind, gilad gabay, giora benari, moshe a flaishman, tal isaacson, yacov izhaki, yardena dahan
identification of qtls associated with spring vegetative budbreak time after dormancy release in pear pyrus communis l (2017)| Plant Breeding| Read more
pepper plants producing fruits with improved properties (2016)| | Read more
a nussinovitch, Yonatan Elkind, t marmur
increase in gloss of coated red peppers by different brushing procedures (2013)| Lwt - Food Science and Technology| Read more
a nussinovitch, Yonatan Elkind, tal marmur
edible coating for plant matter (2013)| | Read more
Arnon Dag, Yonatan Elkind, Ohad Afik, Yoram Zvieli
honeybee pollination affects fruit characteristics of sweet pepper grown under net houses (2008)| International Journal of Vegetable Science| Read more
elazar fallik, Yonatan Elkind, Sagi Gal, sharon alkalaituvia, uzi ravid, Yaacov Pertzelan
sensory evaluation of galia type melons treated with 1 methylcyclopropene after prolonged storage (2008)| Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology| Read more
elazar fallik, Yonatan Elkind, k maalekuu
evaluation of pepper germplasm lines capsicum annuum for postharvest water loss during storage (2007)| Ghana Journal of Horticulture| Read more
alicia leikinfrenkel, elazar fallik, Yonatan Elkind, kissinger maalekuu, susan lurie
the relationship between water loss lipid content membrane integrity and lox activity in ripe pepper fruit after storage (2006)| Postharvest Biology and Technology| Read more

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