Researcher interests: Plant molecular biology; Secondary metabolism; Carotenoid biosynthesis; Plant biotechnology
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
All projects by researcher: Anti-Oxidants Rich, Non-GMO Tomatoes

Selected Publications

adi faigenboim, bruno parisi, edna fogelman, giuseppe mandolino, Joseph Hirschberg, idit ginzberg, michal orenshamir, rinat ovadia, zachariah tanami
nutritional value of potato solanum tuberosum in hot climates anthocyanins carotenoids and steroidal glycoalkaloids (2019)| Planta| Read more
Abraham Fainsod, halim jubran, Joseph Hirschberg, liat bendelac, yehuda shabtai
acetaldehyde inhibits retinoic acid biosynthesis to mediate alcohol teratogenicity (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Joseph Hirschberg, jan jehlicka, Aharon Oren, Varda Mann
effects of nicotine on the biosynthesis of carotenoids in halophilic archaea class halobacteria an hplc and raman spectroscopy study (2018)| Extremophiles| Read more
Dani Zamir, efraim lewinsohn, einat bar, Joseph Hirschberg, ilya pankratov, james giovannoni, jochanan schwartz, ryan mcquinn, Daniel Zamir, zhangjun fei
fruit carotenoid deficient mutants in tomato reveal a function of the plastidial isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase idi1 in carotenoid biosynthesis (2016)| Plant Journal| Read more
Abraham Fainsod, halim jubran, Joseph Hirschberg, taher nassar, yehuda shabtai
kinetic characterization and regulation of the human retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 enzyme during production of retinoic acid (2016)| Biochemical Journal| Read more
Dani Zamir, francis cunningham, hadar neuman, Joseph Hirschberg, Navot Galpaz, Daniel Zamir
the tomato mutation nxd1 reveals a gene necessary for neoxanthin biosynthesis and demonstrates that violaxanthin is a sufficient precursor for abscisic acid biosynthesis (2014)| Plant Journal| Read more
ayala meir, dorothea tholl, efraim lewinsohn, einat bar, Joseph Hirschberg, mosaab yahyaa, mwafaq ibdah, neeraj kumar dubey, philipp simon, rachel davidovichrikanati, radi aly, yaakov tadmor
formation of norisoprenoid flavor compounds in carrot daucus carota l roots characterization of a cyclic specific carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 1 gene (2013)| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more
david kachanovsky, Joseph Hirschberg, shdema filler, tal isaacson
epistasis in tomato color mutations involves regulation of phytoene synthase 1 expression by cis carotenoids (2012)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
cornelius barry, gal herzog, georgina aldridge, Joseph Hirschberg, james giovannoni, qian, ryan mcquinn
altered chloroplast development and delayed fruit ripening caused by mutations in a zinc metalloprotease at the lutescent2 locus of tomato (2012)| Plant Physiology| Read more
Joseph Hirschberg, peter beyer, qiuju, Sandro Ghisla, Varda Mann
plant carotene cis trans isomerase crtiso a new member of the fadred dependent flavoproteins catalyzing non redox reactions (2011)| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more

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