Researcher interests: Drug delivery and therapy in cardiovascular disorders. Controlled release implantable and injectable drug delivery systems. Dosage forms and formulations. Targeted nanoparticles (polymeric-based and liposomes) in cancer and cardiovascular disorders. Gene, antisense, siRNA and protein delivery and therapy. Nanoparticles, nanospheres, liposomes, matrices, bisphosphonates. Modulation of the innate immunity (monocytes, macrophages).
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

alisa morss clyne, arie dagan, etty grad, gil aizik, Gershon Golomb, Zvi Granot, meital bendavidnaim, mirjam nordlingdavid
targeted sirna nanoparticles for mammary carcinoma therapy (2019)| Cancers| Read more
dikla gutman, etty grad, Gershon Golomb, haim danenberg, ksenia zolotarevsky, mirjam nordlingdavid
the role of monocyte subpopulations in vascular injury following partial and transient depletion (2018)| Drug Delivery and Translational Research| Read more
etty grad, gil aizik, Gershon Golomb
monocyte mediated drug delivery systems for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (2018)| Drug Delivery and Translational Research| Read more
Gershon Golomb, Michael Chorny, robert levy
cardiovascular delivery of drugs and biotherapeutics (2018)| Drug Delivery and Translational Research| Read more
elior rachamin, etty grad, Gershon Golomb, mirjam nordlingdavid
lysozyme transport to the brain by liposomes (2018)| Precision Nanomedicine| Read more
etty grad, gil aizik, Gershon Golomb, Zvi Granot, meital ben davidnaim, mirjam nordlingdavid, Ofra Moshel
polymeric nanoparticles of sirna prepared by a double emulsion solvent diffusion technique physicochemical properties toxicity biodistribution and efficacy in a mammary carcinoma mice model (2017)| Biomaterials| Read more
david guez, etty grad, Gershon Golomb, hadar meirow, mirjam nordlingdavid, roni yaffe, sharona salomon, shirley sharabi, yael levikalisman, yael mardor
liposomal temozolomide drug delivery using convection enhanced delivery (2017)| Journal of Controlled Release| Read more
Uri Banin, gil aizik, Gershon Golomb, majd agbaria, nir waiskopf, yael levikalisman
delivery of liposomal quantum dots via monocytes for imaging of inflamed tissue (2017)| ACS Nano| Read more
andreas kuhbacher, anke burgerkentischer, ayan samanta, beate sawodny, Gershon Golomb, jaywant phopase, may griffith, mirjam nordling david, sapir rondoitch, steffen rupp
reduced cytotoxicity and enhanced bioactivity of cationic antimicrobial peptides liposomes in cell cultures and 3d epidermis model against hsv (2016)| Journal of Controlled Release| Read more
dikla gutman, Eyal Afergan, galit eisenberg, Gershon Golomb, Hila Epstein, Nickolay Koroukhov
liposomal bisphosphonates for the treatment of restenosis (2016)| | Read more

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