Researcher interests: Ecology of herbaceous communities and semiarid rangelands. Impact of climate change, land abandonment and grazing on primary productivity and plant diversity. Adaptation of desert annuals and geophytes to aridity gradients. Seed-bank dynamics in natural and weed communities. Granivory. Environmental control of plant development. Physiology of seed germination. Plant responses to heat and water stress.
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Selected Publications

Carly Golodets, Jaime Kigel, Marcelo Sternberg
Plant diversity partitioning in grazed Mediterranean grassland at multiple spatial and temporal scales (2011)| British Ecological Society| Read more
Danny Harel, Johannes Metz Pierre Liancourt, Jaime Kigel
Plant survival in relation to seed size along environmental gradients: a long‐term study from semi‐arid and Mediterranean annual plant communities (2010)| British Ecological Society| Read more
Claire Fortunel, Eric Garnier, Jaime Kigel, Richard Joffre
Leaf traits capture the effects of land use changes and climate on litter decomposability of grasslands across Europe (2009)| esajournals| Read more

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