Researcher interests: Tele-Rehabilitation, Developmental,, occupational therapy, Neurofibromatosis type 1, Pediatric neuro-rehabilitation, Acquired brain, injury, Virtual reality, Ecological validity of assessment tools, Screening Developmental delays, Cultural accessibility Attention deficits, Executive functioning
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

aviva beit yosef, fatena khalailh, Yafit Gilboa, isabella schwartz, jeffrey shames, jeremy m jacobs, shani berrous, shira shenkar, yehudit doryon, yuval naveh
activity performance participation and quality of life among adults in the chronic stage after acquired brain injury the feasibility of an occupation based telerehabilitation intervention (2019)| Frontiers in Neurology| Read more
adina maeir, Yafit Gilboa, lori rosenberg
feasibility study of a therapeutic mobility summer camp for children with severe cerebral palsy power fun (2019)| Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics| Read more
Yafit Gilboa, isabella schwartz, meir liebergall, michal e eisenberg, sharon karni, talia maeir, yakir kaufman
effectiveness of a tele rehabilitation intervention to improve performance and reduce morbidity for people post hip fracture study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (2019)| BMC Geriatrics| Read more
aviva beit yosef, Yafit Gilboa, talia maeir, tamar wechsler, yael safra
content validity of the israeli version of lifestyle redesign lr program practitioners and consumers survey (2019)| American Journal of Occupational Therapy| Read more
aviva beityosef, Yafit Gilboa, talia maeir, tamar wechsler, yael safra
efficacy of lifestyle redesign for improving participation quality of life and mental and physical status among elderly in israel a mixed methods study (2019)| American Journal of Occupational Therapy| Read more
anne helmer, Yafit Gilboa
therapeutic riding and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd effect on executive function and participation (2019)| American Journal of Occupational Therapy| Read more
adina maeir, ayelet weber, Yafit Gilboa, shlomit rotenberg, talia maeir
predictors of community reintegration and quality of life after hip fracture among community dwelling older adults (2019)| International Journal of Rehabilitation Research| Read more
Yafit Gilboa, haya fogelgrinvald, m chevignard
virtual classroom assessment for children and adolescents with attention deficits a systematic review and meta analysis of measurement properties (2018)| Journal of Attention Disorders| Read more
Yafit Gilboa, reut fuchs
participation patterns of preschool children with intellectual developmental disabilities (2018)| Otjr-occupation Participation and Health| Read more
gilboa functional test (2018)| PsycTESTS Dataset| Read more

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