Researcher interests: Cellular physiology. Endocrinology. Regulation of ion transport across the plasma membrane.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Anastasia Hodes, hagit cohenben ami, David Lichtstein, Haim Rosen
na k atpase α3 isoform in frontal cortex gabaergic neurons in psychiatric diseases (2019)| Journal of Psychiatric Research| Read more
alfred n fonteh, David Lichtstein, lorena aparicio, michael g harrington, nastaren abad, noah b gross, robert cowan, samuel c grant, shiri taron, xianghong arakaki
endogenous na k atpase inhibitors and csf na contribute to migraine formation (2019)| PLOS ONE| Read more
fattal langane, hagit cohenben ami, David Lichtstein, mordechai golomb, nahum buzaglo, ronen beeri, Haim Rosen, sandrine pierre
augmentation of ouabain induced increase in heart muscle contractility by akt inhibitor mk 2206 (2019)| Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics| Read more
Anastasia Hodes, asher ilani, David Lichtstein, nahum buzaglo, noa horesh, Haim Rosen, shiv vardan singh
na k atpase signaling and bipolar disorder (2018)| International Journal of Molecular Sciences| Read more
Anastasia Hodes, hagit cohen benami, David Lichtstein, Haim Rosen, Tzuri Lifschytz
reduction in endogenous cardiac steroids protects the brain from oxidative stress in a mouse model of mania induced by amphetamine (2018)| Brain Research Bulletin| Read more
David Lichtstein, nahum buzaglo
combination of a cardiac steroid and an akt inhibitor for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and disorders (2016)| | Read more
Anastasia Hodes, haim einat, joseph deutsch, David Lichtstein, Haim Rosen, Tzuri Lifschytz
endogenous cardiac steroids in animal models of mania (2016)| Bipolar Disorders| Read more
hagit cohenben ami, Adi Inbal, David Lichtstein, nahum buzaglo, Haim Rosen
essential opposite roles of erk and akt signaling in cardiac steroid induced increase in heart contractility (2016)| Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics| Read more
avishag korkusemanuelov, chaim lotan, eldad tzahor, jussi leinonen, David Lichtstein, michal milgromhoffman, ronen beeri, sara hoss, steffen jung, Yochai Wolf
macrophage precursor cells from the left atrial appendage of the heart spontaneously reprogram into a c kit cd45 stem cell like phenotype (2016)| International Journal of Cardiology| Read more
asher ornoy, drorith hochnercelnikier, hagit cohenben ami, David Lichtstein, menachem granat, moran dvelalevitt, Haim Rosen
reduction in maternal circulating ouabain impairs offspring growth and kidney development (2015)| Journal of The American Society of Nephrology| Read more
hagit cohenben ami, David Lichtstein, moran dvelalevitt, Haim Rosen, Esther Shohami
ouabain improves functional recovery following traumatic brain injury (2014)| Journal of Neurotrauma| Read more

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