Researcher interests: Veterinary entomology
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Selected Publications

adi faigenboim, dana ment, Yuval Gottlieb-Dror, hadas tomer, ilan arye, tal blum, Yuval Gottlieb
activity of native and commercial strains of metarhizium spp against the poultry red mite dermanyssus gallinae under different environmental conditions (2018)| Veterinary Parasitology| Read more
despina tsementzi, Yuval Gottlieb-Dror, juan castro gordillo, konstantinos konstantinidis, mustafa mahagna, Yuval Gottlieb
comparison of closely related uncultivated coxiella tick endosymbiont population genomes reveals clues about the mechanisms of symbiosis (2018)| Environmental Microbiology| Read more
Yuval Gottlieb-Dror, Yuval Gottlieb
vector surveillance and control (2018)| | Read more
Alex Markovics, alicia rojas, Gad Baneth, Yuval Gottlieb-Dror, niva freedberg, Yuval Gottlieb
influence of physical and chemical factors on the embryonation hatching and infectivity of spirocerca lupi (2017)| Veterinary Parasitology| Read more
adalberto perez leon, agustin estradapena, alberto guglielmone, Gad Baneth, celine arnathau, christine chevillon, dieter heylen, fabrice vavre, florian binetruy, Yuval Gottlieb-Dror, john goolsby, julie cremaschi, karen mccoy, lionel zenner, maxwell opara, olivier duron, olivier plantard, raoul van oosten, valerie noel, Yuval Gottlieb
evolutionary changes in symbiont community structure in ticks (2017)| Molecular Ecology| Read more
Yuval Gottlieb-Dror, itamar lensky, kahanasutin, Eyal Klement, Yuval Gottlieb
high relative abundance of the stable fly stomoxys calcitrans is associated with lumpy skin disease outbreaks in israeli dairy farms (2017)| Medical and Veterinary Entomology| Read more
adlerashkenazy, arazi, goshen, Yuval Gottlieb-Dror, nahum shpigel, scheinin, Yuval Gottlieb, Zohar Pasternak
characterization and identification of microbial communities in bovine necrotic vulvovaginitis (2017)| Veterinary Journal| Read more

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