Researcher interests: Small animal internal medicine
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Selected Publications

Itamar Aroch, efrat kelmer, Gilad Segev, kelmer, noa berlin
assessment of the coaguchek xs portable prothrombin time point of care analyzer for horses (2019)| Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation| Read more
Itamar Aroch, chen, Gilad Segev, Yaron Bruchim, yochai avital
urinary heat shock protein 72 a novel marker of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease in cats (2019)| Veterinary Journal| Read more
alicia rojas, Itamar Aroch, Gad Baneth, Gilad Segev, Eran Lavy, marganit yaffe
evaluation of a spot on imidacloprid moxidectin formulation advocate for the treatment of naturally occurring esophageal spirocercosis in dogs a double blinded placebo controlled study (2018)| Parasites & Vectors| Read more
Itamar Aroch, Gilad Segev, hilla chen
acute kidney injury secondary to traumatic rhabdomyolysis in a dog (2018)| Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care| Read more
alina kaplanov, Itamar Aroch, einat yas, Gilad Segev, jennifer benoz, Eran Lavy, michal mazakitovi, ran nivy, sharon kuzi
a retrospective study of 157 hospitalized cats with pancreatitis in a tertiary care center clinical imaging and laboratory findings potential prognostic markers and outcome (2018)| Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine| Read more
Itamar Aroch, dan ohad, efrat kelmer, Gilad Segev, Segev, Sigal Klainbart, tali bdolahabram
constant rate infusion vs intermittent bolus administration of iv furosemide in 100 pets with acute left sided congestive heart failure a retrospective study (2018)| Veterinary Journal| Read more
Itamar Aroch, asaf berkowitz, Gad Baneth, Harold Salant, ORIT CHAI, Merav Shamir, yaarit nachumbiala
neospora caninum and ehrlichia canis co infection in a dog with meningoencephalitis (2018)| Veterinary Clinical Pathology| Read more
adar cohen, Itamar Aroch, Gilad Segev, noga berl, Yaron Bruchim
effects of fenoldopam on kidney function parameters and its therapeutic efficacy in the management of acute kidney injury in dogs with heatstroke (2018)| Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine| Read more
anna shipov, Itamar Aroch, Gilad Segev, josh milgram, nitzan shalev
changes in d dimer concentration after soft tissue and orthopedic surgery in dogs (2018)| Veterinary Surgery| Read more
Itamar Aroch, kira rapoport, ORIT CHAI, rafael vaturi, Merav Shamir, Sigal Klainbart
nematode eggs observed in cytology of cerebrospinal fluid diagnostic for intramedullary spirocerca lupi spinal cord migration (2018)| Veterinary Clinical Pathology| Read more
alexandra slon, Itamar Aroch, efrat kelmer, Gilad Segev, Tal Raz, Sigal Klainbart, smadar tal, tali bdolahabram
global hemostasis in healthy bitches during pregnancy and at different estrous cycle stages evaluation of routine hemostatic tests and thromboelastometry (2017)| Theriogenology| Read more
Itamar Aroch, arogeti, Eran Lavy, marcovics, spiegel
in vitro lectin binding to the outer surface of spirocerca lupi at different life stages (2017)| Veterinary Parasitology| Read more
Itamar Aroch, Gad Baneth, gabriela kleinerman, Eran Lavy, reinhard straubinger, Tamar Halperin, yaarit nachumbiala, yigal anug, yizhak hershko, Ziad Abdeen
borrelia persica infection in dogs and cats clinical manifestations clinicopathological findings and genetic characterization (2016)| Parasites & Vectors| Read more
Itamar Aroch, itai barnoon, itai srugo, lilach konstantin, ORIT CHAI, Merav Shamir, tali bdolahabram
retrospective evaluation of combined mycophenolate mofetil and prednisone treatment for meningoencephalomyelitis of unknown etiology in dogs 25 cases 2005 2011 (2016)| Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care| Read more
anna shipov, Itamar Aroch, Gilad Segev, josh milgram, kelmer, Eran Lavy
long term outcome of transendoscopic oesophageal mass ablation in dogs with spirocerca lupi associated oesophageal sarcoma (2015)| Veterinary Record| Read more
Itamar Aroch, mary christopher, ORIT CHAI, rothwell, Merav Shamir, sharon kuzi, srugo, tali bdolahabram, yael chamisha, yael merbl
the prognostic value of cerebrospinal fluid characteristics in dogs without deep pain perception due to thoracolumbar disc herniation (2015)| Research in Veterinary Science| Read more

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