Researcher interests: spatial random systems, particular percolation theory, and various types of random walks (with recent emphasis on random walk in random environments).
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Noam Berger, chiranjib mukherjee, kazuki okamura
quenched large deviations for simple random walks on percolation clusters including long range correlations (2018)| Communications in Mathematical Physics| Read more
alejandro ramirez, Alexander Drewitz, Noam Berger
effective polynomial ballisticity conditions for random walk in random environment (2014)| Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics| Read more
Noam Berger, jeandominique deuschel
a quenched invariance principle for non elliptic random walk in i i d balanced random environment (2014)| Probability Theory and Related Fields| Read more
Amin Saberi, Noam Berger, Christian Borgs, jennifer chayes
asymptotic behavior and distributional limits of preferential attachment graphs (2014)| Annals of Probability| Read more
Noam Berger, yuval peres
detecting the trail of a random walker in a random scenery (2013)| Electronic Journal of Probability| Read more
slowdown estimates for ballistic random wlak in random environment (2012)| Journal of the European Mathematical Society| Read more
Noam Berger, michal feldman, mishael rosenthal, Ofer Neiman
dynamic inefficiency anarchy without stability (2011)| SAGT'11 Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Algorithmic game theory| Read more

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