Researcher interests: Combinatorics. Currently, combinatorial constructions for manifolds and spaces, the topology and algebra of subspace arrangements, models of intersection theory in their various disguises (including skeletal rigidity), Hodge theory and Lefschetz theorems, moduli spaces of combinatorial objects (such as polytopes). Also, metric geometry, in its various disguises.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Karim Adiprasito, Arnau Padrol, Louis Theran
Universality Theorems for Inscribed Polytopes and Delaunay Triangulations (2015)| Discrete & Computational Geometry| Read more
Karim Adiprasito, Arnau Padrol
The universality theorem for neighborly polytopes (2014)| Combinatorica| Read more
Methods from Differential Geometry in Polytope Theory (2013)| Cornell University Library| Read more

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