Researcher interests: Biochemistry and physiology of the chemical senses and their relevance to food and nutrition. Sweet and bitter taste transduction. Molecular basis for the lingering aftertaste produced by non-sugar sweeteners and bitter tastants. Chemical mechanisms for the formation of aroma compounds and off-flavors during food processing.
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Selected Publications

andrew spielman, Einav Malach, Irena Peri, liquan huang, merav shaul, Michael Naim, rony seger
membrane permeable tastants amplify β2 adrenergic receptor signaling and delay receptor desensitization via intracellular inhibition of grk2 s kinase activity (2015)| Biochimica et Biophysica Acta| Read more
Florian Mayer, gary takeoka, linda whitehand, Michael Naim, Haim Rabinowitch, ron buttery
studies on the aroma of five fresh tomato cultivars and the precursors of cis and trans 4 5 epoxy e 2 decenals and methional (2008)| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more
andrew spielman, Irena Peri, liquan huang, merav shaul, Michael Naim
permeation of amphipathic sweeteners into taste bud cells and their interactions with post receptor signaling components possible implications for sweet taste quality (2008)| ACS symposium series| Read more
aliluiko, liquan huang, merav shaul, Michael Naim, spielman, spillane
stimulation of taste cells by sweet taste compounds (2006)| Optimising Sweet Taste in Foods| Read more
Itzhak Bilkis, Michael Naim, peter fleischmann, peter winterhalter, russell rouseff, susanne baldermann, yair bezman
thermal oxidation of 9 cis neoxanthin in a model system containing peroxyacetic acid leads to the potent odorant β damascenone (2005)| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more
Michael Naim, peter fleischmann, susanne baldermann
enzymatic carotenoid degradation and aroma formation in nectarines prunus persica (2005)| Food Research International| Read more
alexander aliluiko, Irena Peri, meirav zubaresamuelov, merav shaul, Michael Naim, Oren Tirosh
inhibition of signal termination related kinases by membrane permeant bitter and sweet tastants potential role in taste signal termination (2005)| American Journal of Physiology-cell Physiology| Read more
gad benoliel, gary takeoka, kafkafi, Michael Naim, Haim Rabinowitch, ron buttery, surya kant
effects of ammonium to nitrate ratio and salinity on yield and fruit quality of large and small tomato fruit hybrids (2005)| Journal of Plant Nutrition| Read more
filomena valim and, kanjana mahattanatawee, Michael Naim, russell rouseff
identification and aroma impact of norisoprenoids in orange juice (2005)| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more
biomimetic sensors for the senses towards better understanding of taste and odor sensation ()| Sensors| Read more

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