Researcher interests: Tectonic geomorphology. Cosmogenic isotope (Be, Al, Cl) dating.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

aster team, Yehouda Enzel, Liora Kolska Horwitz, maayan shemer, Ari Matmon, omry barzilai, Onn Crouvi, Ron Shaar, vera eisenmann, yael ebert
geochronology paleogeography and archaeology of the acheulian locality of evron landfill in the western galilee israel (2019)| Quaternary Research| Read more
galina faershtein, Ari Matmon, Naomi Porat
natural saturation of osl and tt osl signals of quartz grains from nilotic origin (2019)| Quaternary Geochronology| Read more
aster team, avni, haviv, josephhai, lucilla benedetti, Ari Matmon
patterns and rates of 103 105 yr denudation in carbonate terrains under subhumid to subalpine climatic gradient mount hermon israel (2018)| Geological Society of America Bulletin| Read more
benny guralnik, galina faershtein, Ari Matmon, Naomi Porat, renske lambert
investigating the thermal stability of tt osl main source trap (2018)| Radiation Measurements| Read more
Ari Matmon, shlomy vainer, yoav ben dor
coupling cosmogenic nuclides and luminescence dating into a unified accumulation model of aeolian landforms age and dynamics the case study of the kalahari erg (2018)| Quaternary Geochronology| Read more
Itai Haviv, Ari Matmon, michal benisrael, samuel niedermann
applying stable cosmogenic 21 ne to understand surface processes in deep geological time 10 7 10 8 yr (2018)| Earth and Planetary Science Letters| Read more
amit mushkin, Ari Matmon, Naomi Porat, yedidia gellman
drainage system reorganization and late quaternary tectonic deformation along the southern dead sea transform addendum (2018)| Quaternary Research| Read more
amit mushkin, aster team, enzel, Ari Matmon, shlomy vainer, Tamir Grodek
the near steady state landscape of western namibia (2018)| Geomorphology| Read more
alan gillespie, david fink, jigjidsurengiin batbaatar, Ari Matmon, toshiyuki fujioka
asynchronous glaciations in arid continental climate (2018)| Quaternary Science Reviews| Read more
Yigal Erel, Ari Matmon, shlomy vainer
provenance and depositional environments of quaternary sediments in the southern kalahari basin (2018)| Chemical Geology| Read more
quantifying sediment transport rates in the lower cretaceous kurnub river using cosmogenic 21ne ()| | Read more

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