Researcher interests: Evolutionary ecology. Desert and Mediterranean ecosystems. Reproductive biology, sex allocation and flower ecology. Pollination market and bee-flower interactions. Application of game theory to ecology.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

avi perevolotsky, gidi eman, Avi Shmida
gadi polak 1940 2018 in memoriam (2019)| Israel Journal of Plant Sciences| Read more
heinjo during, Avi Shmida, tom jong
differences and similarities of sex ratios between dioecious angiosperms and dioicous bryophytes (2018)| Evolutionary Ecology Research| Read more
amiel vasl, francis gilbert, nasr mansour duguny, peter coals, Avi Shmida
elevation patterns of plant diversity and recent altitudinal range shifts in sinai s high mountain flora (2018)| Journal of Vegetation Science| Read more
katja soennecken, linda olsvigwhittaker, patrick leiverkus, Avi Shmida
landscape archaeology in the wādī al ʿarab region (2017)| Journal of Landscape Ecology| Read more
amiel vasl, Avi Shmida
the adaptive role of nectarial appendages in colchicum (2015)| Plant Systematics and Evolution| Read more
Avi Shmida, Tamar Keasar, uzi motro
temporal reward variability promotes sampling of a new flower type by bumblebees (2013)| Animal Behaviour| Read more
whittaker s plant diversity sampling method (2013)| Israel journal of botany| Read more
ann johnson, booker holton, michael barbour, Avi Shmida
comparison of coastal dune scrub in israel and california physiognomy association patterns species richness phytogeography (2013)| Israel journal of botany| Read more
seed dispersal in relation to habitat in the genus picris compositae in mediterranean and arid regions ()| Israel journal of botany| Read more
mediterranean vegetation in california and israel similarities and differences ()| Israel journal of botany| Read more

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