Researcher interests: Analytical and physical electrochemistry (scanning electrochemical microscopy, self-assembled monolayers); surface science; forensic chemistry; sol-gel technology and coating of medical devices and solar thermal facilities.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

cai, lei, Daniel Mandler, qingli hao, xifeng xia, xinyan jiao
novel spinel nanocomposites of nixco1 xfe2o4 nanoparticles with n doped graphene for lithium ion batteries (2019)| Applied Surface Science| Read more
avia leader, lijie, Daniel Mandler, maya miller, naomi melamedbook, ori geuli, Meital Reches, Edit Tshuva
electrochemical triggered dissolution of hydroxyapatite doxorubicin nanocarriers (2019)| ACS Applied Bio Materials| Read more
guangmin, lei, liang wang, Daniel Mandler, mingzhi chen, ouyang, qingli hao, shenming chen, xifeng xia, yao
manganese doped co3o4 mesoporous nanoneedle array for long cycle stable supercapacitors (2019)| Applied Surface Science| Read more
andrea buffa, Daniel Mandler
adsorption and detection of organic pollutants by fixed bed carbon nanotube electrochemical membrane (2019)| Chemical Engineering Journal| Read more
Elad Gross, Linoy Dery, Daniel Mandler, netta bruchielspanier, noam tal, Shahar Dery
effect of matrix nanoparticle interactions on recognition of aryldiazonium nanoparticle imprinted matrices (2019)| Nano Research| Read more
alfred iing yoong tok, loo pin yeo, Shlomo Magdassi, Daniel Mandler, tam nguyen, tan chiew kei
efficient near infrared modulation with high visible transparency using sno2 wo3 nanostructure for advanced smart windows (2019)| Advanced Optical Materials| Read more
esteban malel, Daniel Mandler
cover feature direct electron transfer between glucose oxidase and gold nanoparticles when size matters chemelectrochem 1 2019 (2019)| ChemElectroChem| Read more
esteban malel, Daniel Mandler
direct electron transfer between glucose oxidase and gold nanoparticles when size matters (2019)| ChemElectroChem| Read more
guangmin, haitao, lei, liang wang, Daniel Mandler, ouyang, qingli hao, sadaf mutahir, xifeng xia, xinyan jiao
hierarchical electrodes of nico2s4 nanosheets anchored sulfur doped co3o4 nanoneedles with advanced performance for battery supercapacitor hybrid devices (2019)| Journal of Materials Chemistry| Read more
Joseph Almog, benny bogoslavsky, Daniel Mandler, ravell bengiat
selective binding and precipitation of cesium ions from aqueous solutions a size driven supramolecular reaction (2018)| Chemistry: A European Journal| Read more
electrochemically deposited sol gel based nanoparticle imprinted matrices for the size selective detection of gold nanoparticles ()| ACS Applied Nano Materials| Read more

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