Researcher interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Bioethics.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Philosophy
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Selected Publications

keeping the moral score (2018)| Criminal Justice Ethics| Read more
supererogation and social responsibility a response to chris durante (2018)| | Read more
David Heyd, uriel procaccia, Uzi Segal
the thorny quest for a rational constitution (2016)| | Read more
can virtue ethics account for supererogation (2015)| Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement| Read more
solidarity a local partial and reflective emotion (2015)| Diametros| Read more
between humaneness and human rights a jewish perspective on modern bioethics (2014)| Studia Bioethica| Read more
jewish perspective on vulnerable groups women and children (2014)| | Read more
parfit on the non identity problem again (2014)| Law & Ethics of Human Rights| Read more
between representation and impersonation rousseau on theatre and politics ()| | Read more

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