Researcher interests: Analysis of western tonal music, based primarily upon the theory of Heinrich Schenker. Development of software for music education. Music theory in perspective of other disciplines, in collaboration with scholars from the areas of aesthetics and cognition.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Musicology
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Selected Publications

starting in the middle auxiliary cadences in the beatles songs (2006)| Music Analysis| Read more
fixing a hole in the scale suppressed notes in the beatles songs (2004)| Popular Music| Read more
domestication of blue notes in the beatles songs (2003)| Music Theory Spectrum| Read more
dalia cohen, Naphtali Wagner
concurrence and nonconcurrence between learned and natural schemata the case of j s bach s saraband in c minor for cello solo (2000)| Journal of New Music Research| Read more
roger kamien, Naphtali Wagner
bridge themes within a chromaticized voice exchange in mozart expositions (1997)| Music Theory Spectrum| Read more

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