Researcher interests: Philosophy of science, philosophy of biology. Moral and political philosophy; philosophy of mind. Aesthetics: fiction and representation in art. Scientific modeling; fiction in science. Mechanistic explanation in biology and in neuroscience. The evolution
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

adrian currie, Arnon Levy
why experiments matter (2018)| Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines| Read more
evolutionary models and the normative significance of stability (2018)| Biology and Philosophy| Read more
Arnon Levy, Yair Levy
evolutionary debunking arguments meet evolutionary science (2018)| Philosophy and Phenomenological Research| Read more
idealization and abstraction refining the distinction (2018)| Synthese| Read more
Arnon Levy, Yair Levy
the debunking challenge to moral realism (2017)| Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy| Read more
the unity of neuroscience a flat view (2016)| Synthese| Read more
Arnon Levy, William Bechtel
towards mechanism 2 0 expanding the scope of mechanistic explanation (2016)| | Read more
adrian currie, Arnon Levy
model organisms are not theoretical models (2015)| The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science| Read more
review of in search of mechanisms (2015)| Philosophy of Science| Read more
modeling without models (2015)| Philosophical Studies| Read more

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