Researcher interests: 19th century art. Social history and socio-medical aspects of family, maternity, breastfeeding, sleep and death.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

ceci n est pas un berceau the majestic cradle of napoleon s son (2019)| Journal of Design History| Read more
roman charity queer lactations in early modern visual culture (2018)| Cultural & Social History| Read more
pain as resistance carnal suffering and political protest in honore daumier s l imagination series (2018)| Konsthistorisk tidskrift| Read more
Jonathan Ventura, Gal Ventura
from classic content analysis to multi faceted design research (2018)| | Read more
Jonathan Ventura, Gal Ventura
milk rubber white coats and glass the history and design of the modern french feeding bottle (2017)| Design for Health| Read more
Jonathan Ventura, Gal Ventura
content analysis multifaceted design methodology (2016)| The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design| Read more
Jonathan Ventura, Gal Ventura
exphrasis verbalizing unexisting objects in the world of design (2015)| Design and Culture| Read more

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