Researcher interests: Geniza fragments of liturgical poetry. Piyyutim from Eretz Israel and later medieval Hebrew poetry. History and development of piyyut (R. Elazar birabi Qillir, Yehuda b. Binyamin, Pinhas Hacohen, etc.). Survival and canonization of medieval piyyutim and secular poems. Hebrew poetry in Spain: rhetoric, theology, genres. Discovery and publication of unknown poems by Samuel Hanagid, Judah Halevy, and others. Study of the rhetoric and homily of early paytanim. Ancient fast days: philological, historic, Halakhic and anthropological aspects. History of the early prayer: rabbinic sources, surviving manuscripts of fragment prayer texts.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Hebrew Literature
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Selected Publications

Shulamit Elizur, Michael Rand
a new fragment of the book of ben sira (2011)| Dead Sea Discoveries| Read more
two new leaves of the hebrew version of ben sira (2010)| Dead Sea Discoveries| Read more

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