Researcher interests: Inter-group perceptions as articulated in different forms of folklore; Cultural diversity in Israel; Folklore and folklife of Ethiopian Jews; Cultural perceptions of slavery among Ethiopian Jews. Racial subjectivity and its cultural expressions. Racial and religious folk expressions and the boundaries of Judaism. Women folk creativity and identity; women`s folk culture.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

Esther Juhasz, Hagar Salamon
"Goddesses of Flesh and Metal": Gazes on the Tradition of Fattening Jewish Brides in Tunisia (2011)| Duke University Press| Read more
Misplaced Home and Mislaid Meat: Stories Circulating Among Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel (2010)| PROJECT MUSE| Read more
Harvey Goldberg, Hagar Salamon, Steven Kaplan
What goes around, comes around: rotating credit associations among Ethiopian women in Israel (2009)| Taylor and Francis online| Read more

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