Researcher interests: Jewish folk art in Europe and in Islamic lands. Approaches to the image and tangible objects among Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities. The illuminated marriage contract in Jewish communities around the world. Image of Jerusalem and the Temple in folk and high art of the three monotheistic religions. Objects and customs related to the Jewish life and year cycles among European communities and Jews of Islamic countries. Jewish ceremonial art at home and synagogue. Illustrated Jewish postcards and New Year cards.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

ritual objects and folk art (2012)| Oxford Bibliographies Online Datasets| Read more
torah and magic the torah scroll and its appurtenances as magical objects in traditional jewish culture (2009)| European Journal of Jewish Studies| Read more
illuminated haggadot from medieval spain biblical imagery and the passover holiday review (2009)| Shofar| Read more
the fathers slaughter their sons depictions of the binding of isaac in the art of medieval ashkenaz (2009)| Images| Read more
from amsterdam to bombay baghdad and casablanca the influence of the amsterdam haggadah on haggadah illustration among the jews in india and the lands of islam (2008)| | Read more
the harmony of the cosmos the image of the ideal jewish world according to venetian ketubbah illuminators (2003)| I beni culturali ebraici in Italia| Read more
la notoriedad de la escritura hebrea y su lugar en el arte judio (2001)| Forma nueva, significado antiguo: 92 años de judaica en Bezalel, 2001, ISBN 84-607-1877-8, págs. 18-25| Read more
dan bahat, Shalom Sabar
jerusalem stone and spirit 3000 years of history and art (1998)| | Read more
michael maggen, Shalom Sabar
the conservation of two karaite marriage contracts (1995)| Restaurator-international Journal for The Preservation of Library and Archival Material| Read more

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