Researcher interests: Traditional Chinese political culture. Intellectual life in pre-Imperial China. Ancient Chinese historiography. Traditional Chinese political thought.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Asian Studies
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Selected Publications

material culture power and identity in ancient china by wu xiaolong cambridge cambridge university press 2017 xvi 244 pp isbn 9781107134027 cloth also available as e book (2018)| The Journal of Asian Studies| Read more
the shenzi fragments a philosophical analysis and translation (2017)| Journal of Chinese Religions| Read more
public memory in early china by k e brashier cambridge ma harvard university press 2014 pp 526 69 95 (2017)| The Historian| Read more
carine defoort, Yuri Pines
chinese academic views on shang yang since the open up and reform era (2016)| Contemporary Chinese Thought| Read more
china imperial 1 qin dynasty 221 207 bce (2016)| The Encyclopedia of Empire| Read more
dating a pre imperial text the case study of the book of lord shang (2016)| Early China| Read more
review of zhao dingxin the confucian legalist state a new theory of chinese history oxford oxford university press 2015 xx 447 pp (2016)| Early China| Read more
martin kern, paul goldin, Yuri Pines
ideology of power and power of ideology in early china (2015)| | Read more
liu zehua and studies of china s monarchism (2014)| Contemporary Chinese Thought| Read more
zhou history and historiography introducing the bamboo manuscript xinian (2014)| T'oung Pao| Read more

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