Researcher interests: Political economy. Japanese politics. Cultural industry and cultural policy in Japan. Cultural commodities and regionalization in East and Southeast Asia. Japan-Southeast Asian relations.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Asian Studies
Contact Business Development: Anna Pellivert

Selected Publications

irina lyan, Nissim Otmazgin
fan entrepreneurship fandom agency and the marketing of hallyu in israel (2018)| Kritika Kultura| Read more
a new cultural geography of east asia imagining a region through popular culture (2018)| | Read more
soft powering popular culture discourse and policy making in japan s content industries (2016)| | Read more
introduction manga as banal memory (2016)| | Read more
alon levkowitz, Nissim Otmazgin, sigal benrafael galanti
japan s multilayered democracy (2015)| | Read more
a regional gateway japanese popular culture in hong kong 1990 2005 (2014)| Inter-asia Cultural Studies| Read more
anime in the us the entrepreneurial dimensions of globalized culture (2014)| Pacific Affairs| Read more
dal yong jin, Nissim Otmazgin
introduction east asian cultural industries policies strategies and trajectories (2014)| Pacific Affairs| Read more

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