Researcher interests: Education, children and youth in modern and contemporary China. Nationalism and the state in contemporary China. Family and gender relations in modern and contemporary China.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Asian Studies
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Selected Publications

these war dramas are like cartoons education media consumption and chinese youth attitudes towards japan (2018)| Journal of Contemporary China| Read more
marketing war and the military to children and youth in china little red soldiers in the digital age (2014)| China Information| Read more
children rights and modernity in china (2014)| | Read more
recasting children as autonomous persons children as future citizens and workers (2014)| | Read more
children s right to self ownership space privacy and punishment (2014)| | Read more
chinese childhood in conflict children gender and violence in china of the cultural revolution period 1966 76 ()| Oriens Extremus.| Read more
the work of rights lawyers in the prc hopeless endeavor or important contribution to the construction of a chinese civil society ()| Ma’asei-Mishpat| Read more

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