Researcher interests: Inner Asian history; the Mongol Empire. Cross-cultural contacts between China, Europe and the Muslim world. Khitans and Qara Khitai. History of traditional China; history of the medieval Middle East; nomadism; conversion; migrations; mobility; collective memory; cultural history.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Asian Studies
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Selected Publications

mobility empire and cross cultural contacts in mongol eurasia mongol (2018)| Medieval Worlds| Read more
food and environment in early and medieval china by eugene n anderson philadelphia university of pennsylvania press 2014 xi 338 pp isbn 9780812246384 cloth also available as e book (2016)| The Journal of Asian Studies| Read more
the islamisation of hulegu imaginary conversion in the ilkhanate (2016)| Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society| Read more
the seljuqs politics society and culture (2015)| Mediterranean Historical Review| Read more
the mongol empire in world history the state of the field (2013)| History Compass| Read more
the mongol conquests in world history by timothy may london reaktion books globalities 2012 319 pp 45 00 cloth (2013)| The Journal of Asian Studies| Read more
unearthing the liao dynasty s relations with the muslim world migrations diplomacy commerce and mutual perceptions (2013)| Journal of Song-yuan Studies| Read more
empire s twilight northeast asia under the mongols review (2011)| Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies| Read more
linda komaroff ed beyond the legacy of genghis khan islamic studies and civilization studies and texts leiden boston brill 2006 652 xxv pages cloth us 133 00 isbn 978 90 04 15083 6 (2007)| Review of the Middle East Studies| Read more

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