Researcher interests: Israel`s foreign policy. Status in international relations.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

Gadi Heimann, shlomo ogen goldman
defeat in interstate war and the probability of political liberalization (2019)| AlterNative| Read more
israel s path to europe the negotiations for a preferential agreement 1957 1970 (2018)| | Read more
divide and rule israel s tactics regarding the jerusalem question and america s response 1949 1950 (2017)| Cold War History| Read more
franco israeli relations 1958 1967 (2016)| | Read more
the eec commission and the negotiations for a trade agreement with israel 1958 1964 (2016)| Journal of European Integration| Read more
a case of diplomatic symbiosis france israel and the former french colonies in africa 1958 62 (2016)| Journal of Contemporary History| Read more
from irresponsible to immoral the shifts in de gaulle s perception of israel and the jews (2011)| Journal of Contemporary History| Read more
Gadi Heimann, Oded Löwenheim
revenge in international politics (2008)| Security Studies| Read more

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