Researcher interests: Democratic theory and praxis. Party systems and civil society. Participatory democracy; political ideologies; social democracy; civic education: from theory to policy; social movements.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

knowing right from left the politics of identity between the radical left and far right (2005)| Journal of Political Ideologies| Read more
a threefold ideological analysis of die gru nen from ecologized socialism to political liberalism (2003)| Journal of Political Ideologies| Read more
the british peculiarity non ideological politics (2002)| | Read more
the dual reflection of modular ideology (2002)| | Read more
politics seeing green the simplicity of radical realism (2002)| | Read more
the greens the emergence of a compound collective political actor (2002)| | Read more
formation ecological roots of a political route ()| | Read more
conclusion from politics of nature to redefining the nature of politics ()| | Read more
ideological diversification the green spectrum ()| | Read more
modular ideology a green caterpillar turns into a colourful butterfly ()| | Read more

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