Researcher interests: Political theory. International ethics. History of political philosophy. War and peace. Political ideas in Latin America. Late scholastics. Francisco Suarez. Territorial rights.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

the political morality of the late scholastics civic life war and conscience (2019)| | Read more
thomas aquinas and antonio de cordoba on self defence saving yourself as a private end (2018)| British Journal for the History of Philosophy| Read more
philipp jaffe and his stepmother 1855 three letters (2018)| The Jewish Quarterly Review| Read more
against substitutive harm (2016)| Journal of Applied Philosophy| Read more
1 makkabaer written by michael tilly (2016)| Journal for The Study of Judaism| Read more
between jewish posen and scholarly berlin the life and letters of philipp jaffe (2016)| | Read more
late scholastic just war theory (2015)| | Read more
a breslau translation of josephus s minor works (2015)| | Read more
scandal and moral demandingness in the late scholastics (2015)| British Journal for the History of Philosophy| Read more

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