Researcher interests: Political parties; candidate and leadership selection methods; electoral laws. The politics of electoral reform; Israeli politics; democratic political institutions; personalization of politics. Intraparty democracy; party decline and adaptation.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

Gideon Rahat, reut itzkovitch malka, reuven y hazan, shaul r shenhav
the collective memory of dominant parties in parliamentary discourse (2019)| Party Politics| Read more
helene helboe pedersen, Gideon Rahat
introduction political personalization and personalized politics within and beyond the behavioural arena (2019)| Party Politics| Read more
ofer kenig, Gideon Rahat
indicators of party change (2018)| | Read more
ofer kenig, Gideon Rahat
a cross national analysis of political personalization (2018)| | Read more
ofer kenig, Gideon Rahat
parties versus politicians online (2018)| | Read more
ofer kenig, Gideon Rahat
a cross national comparison of party change (2018)| | Read more
assaf shapira, Gideon Rahat
electoral behavior in israel (2018)| | Read more
political reform in israel (2018)| | Read more
Gideon Rahat, reut itzkovitchmalka, reuven y hazan
electoral systems in context (2018)| | Read more
Gideon Rahat, william cross
political parties and candidate selection (2018)| | Read more

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