Researcher interests: Political communication in comparative perspective. Political psychology. Mass media effects on attitudes, beliefs, and behavior. Comparative political behavior.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

laia castro, morten skovsgaard, Lilach Nir
bridging gaps in cross cutting media exposure the role of public service broadcasting (2018)| Political Communication| Read more
john hibbing, Lilach Nir, patrick fournier, stuart soroka
psychophysiology in the study of political communication an expository study of individual level variation in negativity biases (2018)| Political Communication| Read more
social representations news exposure and knowledge gaps (2017)| Social Science Quarterly| Read more
disagreement in political discussion (2017)| | Read more
Lilach Nir, yariv tsfati
frames and reasoning two pathways from selective exposure to affective polarization (2017)| International Journal of Communication| Read more
not all countries are created equal foreign countries prevalence in u s news and entertainment media (2016)| Mass Communication and Society| Read more
elisabeth gidengil, Lilach Nir, patrick fournier, stuart soroka
do women and men respond differently to negative news (2016)| Politics & Gender| Read more
receptivity to violence in ethnically divided societies a micro level mechanism of perceived horizontal inequalities (2016)| Studies in Conflict & Terrorism| Read more
claes vreese, hernando rojas, Lilach Nir, peter neijens
a tribute to professor wolfgang donsbach (2015)| International Journal of Public Opinion Research| Read more
david nicolas hopmann, jorg matthes, Lilach Nir
informal political conversation across time and space setting the research agenda (2015)| International Journal of Public Opinion Research| Read more

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