Researcher interests: Comparative politics; democratic institutions; political parties and party systems; elections and electoral laws; legislative studies; Israeli politics.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

Reuven Hazan, Gideon Rahat, reut itzkovitchmalka
electoral systems in context (2018)| | Read more
the political consequences of the introduction and the repeal of the direct elections for the prime minister (2018)| | Read more
Reuven Hazan, reut itzkovitchmalka
unpacking party unity the combined effects of electoral systems and candidate selection methods on legislative attitudes and behavioural norms (2017)| Political Studies| Read more
Reuven Hazan, paul pennings
democratizing candidate selection (2016)| Party Politics| Read more
heather stoll changing societies changing party systems reviewed by reuven y hazan (2016)| Party Politics| Read more
Reuven Hazan, pazit bennun bloom, Gideon Rahat
stable blocs and multiple identities the 2015 elections in israel (2016)| Representation| Read more
abraham diskin, Reuven Hazan
plus ca change plus c est la meme chose the 2015 israeli elections (2015)| Electoral Studies| Read more
the constitution of israel a contextual analysis (2015)| The Journal of Legislative Studies| Read more
william p cross and richard s katz eds the challenges of intra party democracy reviewed by reuven y hazan (2014)| Party Politics| Read more
abraham diskin, Reuven Hazan
the parliamentary election in israel january 2013 (2014)| Electoral Studies| Read more

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