Researcher interests: The anthropology of creativity. Modernity. Expressive culture, aesthetics, and art. Improvisation. Music and sound. Socialization and education. Linguistic anthropology. Professionalization. Organizational theory. Ethnomusicology. Cultural hierarchy and the politics of race and class. Urban anthropology. African-American and American studies. Jazz music.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

pandian anand with a foreword by walter murch reel world an anthropology of creation xv 339 pp illus bibliogr durham n c duke univ press 2015 18 99 paper book and film reviews (2017)| Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute| Read more
the post it note economy understanding post fordist business innovation through one of its key semiotic technologies (2016)| Current Anthropology| Read more
routinized business innovation an undertheorized engine of cultural evolution (2015)| American Anthropologist| Read more
condry ian the soul of anime collaborative creativity and japan s media success story x 241 pp illus bibliogr durham n c duke univ press 2013 16 99 paper (2015)| Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute| Read more
modernity cultural anesthesia and sensory agency technologies of the listening self in a us collegiate jazz music program (2015)| Ethnos| Read more
semiotic dimensions of creativity (2014)| Annual Review of Anthropology| Read more
school for cool the academic jazz program and the paradox of institutionalized creativity (2014)| | Read more
sociable robots jazz music and divination contingency as a cultural resource for negotiating problems of intentionality (2013)| American Ethnologist| Read more
streamlining the muse creative agency and the reconfiguration of charismatic education as professional training in israeli poetry writing workshops ()| Ethos| Read more
literature and agency in english fiction reading a study of the henry williamson society by reed adam ()| Social Anthropology| Read more

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