Researcher interests: Population and development. Intergenerational transfers in developing countries. The relationship between economic inequality and demographic outcomes in poor countries.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

alexander weinreb, calogero carletto, Guy Stecklov
can incentives improve survey data quality in developing countries results from a field experiment in india (2018)| Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series A-statistics in Society| Read more
alexander weinreb, mariano sana, Guy Stecklov
strangers in the field a methodological experiment on interviewer respondent familiarity (2018)| Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de M├ęthodologie Sociologique| Read more
professional homogeneity global versus local effects (2012)| International journal of sociology and anthropology| Read more
the dislocations of terror assessments of risk during the second intifada ()| Social Science Research| Read more
family planning for strangers an experiment on the validity of reported contraceptive use ()| PLOS ONE| Read more
the exclusion from welfare benefits resentment and survey attrition in a randomized controlled trial in mexico ()| Social Science Research| Read more
a test of the stranger interviewer norm in the dominican republic ()| Population Studies-a Journal of Demography| Read more
from patrick to john f ethnic names and occupational success in the last era of mass migration ()| American Sociological Review| Read more
rural urban population age and sex composition in sub saharan africa 1980 2015 ()| Population and Development Review| Read more
from patrick to john f first name choice as a measure of assimilation and predictor of occupational achievement in historical u s censuses ()| | Read more
urban rural disparities in adult mortality in sub saharan africa ()| Demographic Research| Read more

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