Researcher interests: Sociology and anthropology of religion. Charismatic movements; Mary cults. Text-based communities. Ultra-Orthodoxy in Israel. Qualitative methods in sociology and anthropology.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

marian devotion in the contemporary eastern mediterranean (2019)| | Read more
nimrod luz, Nurit Stadler
religious urban decolonization new mosques antique cities (2017)| settler colonial studies| Read more
nimrod luz, Nurit Stadler
urban planning religious voices and ethnicity in the contested of acre (2017)| | Read more
oren golan, Nurit Stadler
building the sacred community online the dual use of the internet by chabad (2016)| Media, Culture & Society| Read more
nimrod luz, Nurit Stadler
two venerated mothers separated by a wall iconic spaces territoriality and borders in israel palestine (2015)| Religion and Society| Read more
nimrod luz, Nurit Stadler, valentina napolitano
introduction materialities histories and the spatialization of state sovereignty (2015)| Religion and Society| Read more
land fertility rites and the veneration of female saints exploring body rituals at the tomb of mary in jerusalem (2015)| Anthropological Theory| Read more
appropriating jerusalem through sacred places disputed land and female rituals at the tombs of mary and rachel (2015)| Anthropological Quarterly| Read more
nimrod luz, Nurit Stadler
the veneration of womb tombs body based rituals and politics at mary s tomb and maqam abu al hijja israel palestine (2014)| Journal of Anthropological Research| Read more
recomposing decimated bodies (2012)| | Read more

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