Researcher interests: Intellectual capital transactions, modes for technology transfer; trust and new organizational forms and cognitive maps in inter- organizational networks research.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

Kathleen Montgomery, Amalya Oliver, shimrit barda
the multi level process of trust and learning in university industry innovation collaborations (2019)| Journal of Technology Transfer| Read more
adi sapir, Amalya Oliver
loose coupling conflict and resistance the case of ipr policy conflict in an israeli university (2017)| Higher Education| Read more
Kathleen Montgomery, Amalya Oliver
conceptualizing fraudulent studies as viruses new models for handling retractions (2017)| Minerva| Read more
adi sapir, Amalya Oliver
from academic laboratory to the market disclosed and undisclosed narratives of commercialization (2017)| Social Studies of Science| Read more
adi sapir, Amalya Oliver
shifts in the organization and profession of academic science the impact of ipr and technology transfer (2017)| Journal of Professions and Organization| Read more
Kathleen Montgomery, Amalya Oliver
using a public health model to thwart the persistence of bad data in the body of knowledge (2015)| Academy of Management Proceedings| Read more
dalia mendelsson, edith falk, Amalya Oliver
the albert einstein archives digitization project opening hidden treasures (2014)| Library Hi Tech| Read more
Roni Factor, Kathleen Montgomery, Amalya Oliver
beliefs about social responsibility at work comparisons between managers and non managers over time and cross nationally (2013)| Business Ethics: A European Review| Read more
professional homogeneity global versus local effects (2012)| International journal of sociology and anthropology| Read more

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