Researcher interests: Identity. Minorities. Immigration. Globalization. Social policy; education policy; immigration policy; family policy. Multiculturalism.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

social capital happiness and the unmarried a multilevel analysis of 32 european countries (2019)| Applied Research in Quality of Life| Read more
does marriage really improve sexual satisfaction evidence from the pairfam data set (2019)| Journal of Sex Research| Read more
the economic advancement of european minority immigrants to the usa (2019)| Ethnic and Racial Studies| Read more
open markets closed societies the dual assimilation of immigrants in western europe (2019)| Social Science Research| Read more
happy singlehood the rising acceptance and celebration of solo living (2019)| | Read more
transnational social mobility of minorities a comparative analysis of 14 immigrant minority groups (2018)| IZA Journal of Development and Migration| Read more
happiness post materialist values and the unmarried (2018)| Journal of Happiness Studies| Read more
the effect of anti discrimination policies on middle eastern and north african immigrants in 24 european countries (2018)| International Migration| Read more
deciphering the ethnic penalty of immigrants in western europe a cross classified multilevel analysis (2017)| Social Indicators Research| Read more
new trends and patterns in western european immigration to the united states linking european and american databases (2017)| Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science| Read more

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