Researcher interests: Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian language and literature. Translations from the Hebrew in ancient Russia. Influence of Slavic languages on Yiddish syntax. The beginnings of modern Eastern Yiddish. Contemporary Yiddish in Jerusalem.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Linguistics
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Selected Publications

the limits of multiple source contact influence the case of ecel at in modern hebrew (2019)| | Read more
the usual suspects slavic yiddish and the accusative existentials and possessives in modern hebrew (2015)| Journal of Jewish Languages| Read more
horace g lunt, Moshe Taube
the slavonic book of esther text lexicon linguistic analysis problems of translation (2000)| Slavic and East European Journal| Read more
horace g lunt, Moshe Taube
the slavonic book of esther translation from hebrew or evidence for a lost greek text (1994)| Harvard Theological Review| Read more
on factivity emotivity and choice of conjunction in yiddish (1994)| Studies in Language| Read more
une source inconnue de la chronographie russe le dialogue de timothee et aquila (1991)| Revue des études slaves| Read more
horace g lunt, Moshe Taube
early east slavic translations from hebrew (1988)| Russian Linguistics| Read more
solomon s chalice the latin scriptures and the bogomils (1987)| Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu| Read more
the development of aspectual auxiliaries in yiddish (1987)| WORD| Read more

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