Researcher interests: Eyal’s research focuses on the emergence of unsolicited innovation in education. His growing interest in the emergence of unsolicited innovation has led him to study school entrepreneurship, educational champions, cross-sector alliances in the field of education, educational leadership, distributed leadership, and ethical judgments of school principals. Recently he has been awarded the Spencer fellowship for conducting a study on sense making of accountability in early childhood education
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Education
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Selected Publications

Ori Eyal, izhak berkovich
teachers big five personality traits emotion regulation patterns and moods mediation and prototype analyses (2019)| Research Papers in Education | Read more
abdulsalam abulibdeh, alina german, alon eliakim, amnon zung, ayala blau, ben podeshakked, david gillis, david strich, David Zangen, dov tiosano, Ori Eyal, floris levykhademi, ilana koren, joseph sack, liat de vries, mariana rachmiel, naomi podeshakked, naomi weintrob, neta loewenthal, orit pinhashamiel, shlomo almashanu, yardena tenenbaumrakover, zohar landau
combined gestational age and birth weight adjusted cutoffs for newborn screening of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (2019)| The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism| Read more
Ori Eyal, izhak berkovich
school leaders emotional support of teachers through emotional transformation qualitative insights into the maintenance of teachers occupational identity (2019)| Leadership and Policy in Schools| Read more
adi adar, David Zangen, Ori Eyal, floris levykhademi, ilan youngster, iren zargari, iris morag, marianna rachmiel, milana levy, neta loewenthal, orit pinhashamiel, orna dallygottfried, rimona keidar, smadar eventovfriedman smadar, zohar landau
or17 6 parenteral cephalosporins and glucose during the neonatal period are associated with pediatric type 1 diabetes development (2019)| Journal of the Endocrine Society| Read more
Ori Eyal, izhak berkovich
transformational leadership transactional leadership and moral reasoning (2019)| Leadership and Policy in Schools| Read more
Ori Eyal, noa rom
sensemaking sense breaking sense giving and sense taking how educators construct meaning in complex policy environments (2019)| Teaching and Teacher Education| Read more
Ori Eyal, izhak berkovich
ethics in third sector school partnerships a conceptual framework (2019)| Journal of Educational Administration| Read more
Ori Eyal, izhak berkovich
feelings moods and emotion in schools affective perspectives (2019)| | Read more
Ori Eyal, marissa yarm
schools in cross sector alliances what do schools seek in partnerships (2018)| Educational Administration Quarterly| Read more
Ori Eyal, izhak berkovich
ethics education in leadership development adopting multiple ethical paradigms (2018)| Educational Management Administration & Leadership| Read more

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