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Researcher interests: Psychotherapy process/outcome research (psychodynamic psychotherapy), the therapeutic relationship : transference and countertransference. Supervision and training, Adolescents in therapy. The experience of motherhood.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology
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Selected Publications

assael romanelli, Tishby Orya
just what is there now that is what there is the effects of theater improvisation training on clinical social workers perceptions and interventions (2019)| Social Work Education| Read more
Gaby Shefler, Hadas Wiseman, Tishby Orya, refael yonatanleus
therapists honesty humor styles playfulness and creativity as outcome predictors a retrospective study of the therapist effect (2018)| Psychotherapy Research| Read more
adriana lis, claudia capella, geoff goodman, katharina weitkamp, marc noom, nick midgley, Tishby Orya
introduction to the special section on child and adolescent psychotherapy research (2018)| Psychotherapy Research| Read more
emanuel schattner, Tishby Orya
patient and therapist relational patterns implicit negotiations (2018)| | Read more
Hadas Wiseman, Tishby Orya
conclusions the tapestry of the therapeutic relationship and recommendations for clinicians and researchers (2018)| | Read more
brent mallinckrodt, eric sauer, gahee choi, Hadas Wiseman, katja petrowski, kenneth levy, mary anderson, Tishby Orya
pseudosecure vs individuated secure client attachment to therapist implications for therapy process and outcome (2017)| Psychotherapy Research| Read more
Hadas Wiseman, Tishby Orya
the therapeutic relationship innovative investigations (2017)| | Read more
Hadas Wiseman, Tishby Orya
applying relationship anecdotes paradigm interviews to study client therapist relationship narratives core conflictual relationship theme analyses (2017)| Psychotherapy Research| Read more
assael romanelli, galia moran, Tishby Orya
coming home to myself a qualitative analysis of therapists experience and interventions following training in theater improvisation skills (2017)| Arts in Psychotherapy| Read more
emanuel schattner, Hadas Wiseman, Tishby Orya
relational patterns and the development of the alliance a systematic comparison of two cases (2017)| Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy| Read more

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