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Researcher interests: First language acquisition. Cognitive development. Learning theory. Differences between first and second language learning. Psycholinguistics. Cognitive science.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology
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Selected Publications

do current statistical learning tasks capture stable individual differences in children an investigation of task reliability across modality (2019)| Behavior Research Methods| Read more
Inbal Arnon, limor raviv, naomi havron
literate and preliterate children show different learning patterns in an artificial language learning task (2018)| Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science. Advance online publication| Read more
Inbal Arnon, limor raviv
systematicity but not compositionality examining the emergence of linguistic structure in children and adults using iterated learning (2018)| Cognition| Read more
amir shufaniya, Inbal Arnon
statistical learning is not age invariant during childhood performance improves with age across modality (2018)| Cognitive Science| Read more
Inbal Arnon, shira tal
ses effects on the use of variation sets in child directed speech (2018)| Journal of Child Language| Read more
can mimicking infants early experience facilitate adult learning a critique of hudson kam 2017 (2018)| Language Learning and Development| Read more
Inbal Arnon, limor raviv
the developmental trajectory of children s auditory and visual statistical learning abilities modality based differences in the effect of age (2018)| Developmental Science| Read more
Inbal Arnon, ori lavirotbain
developmental differences between children and adults in the use of visual cues for segmentation (2018)| Cognitive Science| Read more
reading between the words the effect of literacy on second language lexical segmentation ()| Applied Psycholinguistics| Read more
age of acquisition effects for multiword phrases ()| | Read more

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