Researcher interests: Continuous symmetry and chirality measures. Sol-gel materials: basic science and applications. Surface and colloid science. Fractal theory and applications in chemistry and physics. Patterns, structures and far-from-equilibrium phenomena.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

David Avnir, barak menagen
entrapment of drugs within metallic platinum and their delivery (2019)| ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering| Read more
David Avnir, felner, Israel Felner, noam ralbag
induction of enhanced magnetic behavior in gold silver and copper by doping with srfe12o19 nanoparticles (2019)| Physical Review B| Read more
andrey drozdov, David Avnir, vladimir vinogradov, yulia andreeva
enzymatic nanocomposites with radio frequency field modulated activity (2018)| ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering| Read more
David Avnir, huan wang, inbal tuviarad
chiral ramachandran plots ii general trends and protein chirality spectra (2018)| Biochemistry| Read more
optical rotation kinetics study of the polycondensation of chiral sol gel precursors (2018)| Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology| Read more
recent progress in the study of molecularly doped metals (2018)| Advanced Materials| Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, amani zoabi, David Avnir, charles rosenblatt, Dmitri Gelman, melvin santiago, raed abureziq
chiral polymeric nanocapsules and their use for conformational deracemization of liquid crystals (2018)| Journal of Physical Chemistry C| Read more
andrew ferris, David Avnir, charles rosenblatt, Dmitri Gelman, orit cohen, raymond adkins, robert lemieux
chiral organosilica particles and their use as inducers of conformational deracemization of liquid crystal phases (2018)| Chemical Physics Letters| Read more
David Avnir, Lioz Etgar, jin, lior iagher
fine tuning of the metal work function by molecular doping (2018)| Chemical Communications| Read more
alumina nanoparticle assisted enzyme refolding a versatile methodology for proteins renaturation ()| Scientific Reports| Read more

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