Researcher interests: Continuous symmetry and chirality measures. Sol-gel materials: basic science and applications. Surface and colloid science. Fractal theory and applications in chemistry and physics. Patterns, structures and far-from-equilibrium phenomena.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

David Avnir, racheli benknaz wakshlak, Rami Pedahzur
antibacterial activity of chlorhexidine killed bacteria the zombie cell effect (2019)| ACS Omega| Read more
David Avnir, barak menagen, Zvi Hayouka, tal stern bauer
random peptide mixtures entrapped within a copper cuprite matrix new antimicrobial agent against methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (2019)| Scientific Reports| Read more
David Avnir, i felner, noam ralbag
new reed switch design based on magnetic silver (2019)| Materials Research Express| Read more
David Avnir, galit bar, nir ganonyan, noam benmelech, raz gvishi
entrapment of enzymes in silica aerogels (2019)| Materials Today| Read more
David Avnir, Uri Banin, botao ji, jin he, somnath koley
metallic conductive luminescent film (2019)| ACS Nano| Read more
andrew m beale, David Avnir, dario r dekel, elena s davydova, emanuele magliocca, g s grader, jin he, meirav mannlahav, michael handl, noam ralbag, peixi cong, renate hiesgen, reuven galed, uri ash, william e mustain
composite materials with combined electronic and ionic properties (2019)| Matter| Read more
David Avnir, barak menagen
entrapment of drugs within metallic platinum and their delivery (2019)| ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering| Read more
David Avnir, jin he, long zhang
sol gel derived alumina glass mechanistic study of its structural evolution (2019)| Acta Materialia| Read more
optical rotation kinetics study of the polycondensation of chiral sol gel precursors (2019)| Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology| Read more
David Avnir, i felner, noam ralbag
induction of enhanced magnetic behavior in gold silver and copper by doping with srfe12o19 nanoparticles (2019)| Physical Review B| Read more
amani zoabi, David Avnir, charles rosenblatt, Dmitri Gelman, melvin g santiago, raed abureziq
chiral polymeric nanocapsules and their use for conformational deracemization of liquid crystals (2018)| Journal of Physical Chemistry C| Read more
andrew j ferris, David Avnir, charles rosenblatt, Dmitri Gelman, orit cohen, raymond adkins, robert p lemieux
chiral organosilica particles and their use as inducers of conformational deracemization of liquid crystal phases (2018)| Chemical Physics Letters| Read more

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