Researcher interests: RNA sensors: novel regulators of gene expression. mRNA structure and function. Translational control of eukaryotic gene expression. Regulation of mRNA splicing and the role of the RNA-activated protein kinase PKR therein. Molecular biology of immunoregulation, especially control of human cytokine (IL-2, IFN, TNF) gene expression. The cellular immune response and its dysregulation during superantigen toxic shock. Molecular biology of T cell activation by superantigens.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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All projects by researcher: Atox-Bio Ltd

Selected Publications

Eileen M. Bulger, Raymond Kaempfer
A Novel Drug for Treatment of Necrotizing Soft-Tissue Infections (2014)| JAMA Network| Read more
Gila Arad, Iris Nasie, Raymond Kaempfer, Revital Levy
Binding of Superantigen Toxins into the CD28 Homodimer Interface Is Essential for Induction of Cytokine Genes That Mediate Lethal Shock (2011)| Plos Biology| Read more

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Atox Bio is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics for the treatment of infectious and autoimmune diseases mediated by excessive T-cell response. Having developed novel immunomodulators that reduce autoimmune response, as well...


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